Gob b, legija, and tabseN form new CS:GO team

The former NRG trio has assembled an impressive German CS:GO line-up under the name BIG.

Several of the most established German Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players will be competing together in 2017.

Playing under the name BIG, the roster features former NRG Esports trio Faith “gob b” Dayik, Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz, and Nikola “legija” Ninic. They will be joined by former mousesports prodigy Johannes “nex” Maget and highly touted German AWPer Kevin “keev” Bartholomäus.

Gob b, tabseN, and legija enjoyed little success during their stay with NRG. Aside from several poor placements throughout the year, the team also failed to qualify for either of the Valve Majors at MLG Columbus and ESL One Cologne.

The BIG roster is, according to in-game leader gob b, a team he’s wanted to put together for a long time. So much so that the three players paid for both nex and keev’s contract buyouts.

Now that Gob b has all the players he’s asked for, the question is whether or not the team can make up for a very lackluster 2016 for the veteran.