Gla1ve set to return to Astralis in August, Xyp9x remains on indefinite leave

One of the game's greatest IGLs is recovering well.

Photo by Joe Brady via FACEIT

Astralis’ in-game leader is set to take the reins sooner rather than later. Teammate dev1ce confirmed that gla1ve is “planned” to return to the CS:GO team in August, while Xyp9x’s comeback is still uncertain.

Dev1ce was responding to viewer questions on HLTV’s Confirmed podcast yesterday. The AWPer said it’s important that both players aren’t being rushed back, but he was willing to estimate a rough time period for gla1ve’s return.

“It’s an issue you have to be really careful with,” dev1ce said.. “You can pressure people too hard again and you will have an even harder time coming back.”

Both gla1ve and Xyp9x left their squad on two separate occasions in May. The duo cited stress and burnout as the main reasons for their competitive break, with the organization affirming their support for the players’ mental health.

An August return is in-line with gla1ve’s statement in May. The IGL originally said he’d take three months off due to “stress and burnout,” hoping that the break would return him to top form.

Astralis’ dominance has undoubtedly taken a hit with two of their main players taking a break, but it’s good for the professional scene that one of its foremost organizations is placing a heavy emphasis on mental health. It may take a while more, but the Danish squad will inevitably find its way to the summit when all their players are in the pink of health and not a moment before.


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