Gfinity Recap and Results

Congratulations to Team EnVyUs on winning the Gfinity EGX 2016 CS:GO Invitational!

This past weekend (Sept. 23-25), Gfinity hosted their very own EGX 2016 CS:GO Invitational that hosted four premier teams from across Europe. The four teams that attended were Team EnVyUs of France, Epsilon eSports of Sweden, GODSENT of Sweden and mousesports of Germany. Each of the four teams competed for a total prize pool of $100,000 and the EGX 2016 title. The format for the four-team championship bracket was in a best-of-five style.

The tournament featured Alan “Bricetacualar” Brice from the Call of Duty esport as the host. It also featured analytical talent from Duncan “Thorin” Shields and Dustin “dusT” Mouret. The match casting talent consisted of Lauren “Pansy” Scott, Vince “Metuz” Hill, and James “Banks” Banks.

Friday, September 23 (Semi Final 1)

Team EnVyUs vs. Epsilon eSports

de_mirage: Team EnVyUs 16 – 5 Epsilon eSports

de_cbble: Epsilon eSports 16 – 14 Team EnVyUs

de_cache: Team EnVyUs 22 – 19 Epsilon eSports

de_nuke: Team EnVyUs 16 – 7 Epsilon eSports

Series Winners – Team EnVyUs (3-1)

Saturday, September 24 (Semi Final 2)

mousesports vs. GODSENT

de_cache: GODSENT 16 – 11 mousesports

de_mirage: mousesports 16 – 5 GODSENT

de_dust2: mousesports 19 – 17 GODSENT

de_overpass: mousesports 16 – 2 GODSENT

Series Winners – mousesports (3-1)

Sunday, September 25 (Grand Final)

Team EnVyUs vs. mousesports

de_cache: Team EnVyUs 19 – 17 mousesports

de_cbble: Team EnVyUs 16 – 12 mousesports

de_dust2: Team EnVyUs 16 – 14 mousesports

Series Winners – Team EnVyUs (3-0)

Prize Pool Results

1st Place ($50,000 USD)

  • Team EnVyUs

2nd Place ($30,000 USD)

  • mousesports

3rd/4th Place ($10,000 USD)

  • Epsilon eSports

Congratulations to Team EnVyUs on winning the Gfinity EGX 2016 CS:GO Invitational!

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