GAMURS Acquires CSGOSquad

GAMURS is pleased to announce the acquisition of CSGOSquad, a competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking database with live game statistics.

GAMURS is pleased to announcethe acquisition of CSGOSquad, a competitive Counter-Strike:Global Offensive ranking database with live gamestatistics.

With over 100,000 monthly users,CSGOSquad can complete several tasks for you, including searchingfor live games, viewing competitive ranks and demo analysis. Byentering a Steam profile URL, vanity username or SteamID, CSGOSquadallows you to view the live match information for any peopleplaying a competitive game, including yourself.

You are also able to use theCSGOSquad database to view any player’s rank, level, wins andother Counter-Strike statistics. Finally, just by entering a CS:GOsharecode, CSGOSquad can provide detailed data about your matcheswithin seconds.

Tony, the founder of CSGOSquad,is extremely excited about his company being acquired by GAMURS.“When Riad and I spoke about bringing CSGOSquad under theGAMURS umbrella, we both saw the same vision that we could achievetogether, so the decision was an easy one to make,” Tonysaid. “I am happy to see CSGOSquad join the GAMURS brand andlook forward to what comes of it in the nearfuture.”

CSGOSquad joins a plethora ofcompanies that have been acquired by GAMURS over the past fewmonths. In terms of other CS:GO websites now under the GAMURSbrand, csgo-stats.comwas acquired by GAMURS in December2015, as well as GamerConfigs and, which makes GAMURS the home of Counter-Strikestatistics.

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Justin Binkowski is theManaging Editor for GAMURS and he can be contacted by emailat [email protected] or on Twitter @JBinkk.