17 February 2017 - 04:38

Gambit Surprises the Plow: DreamHack Masters Las Vegas Day 2 Recap

Two surprise teams have punched their ticket to the playoffs in the MGM Grand Garden Arena.
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Day two of competition at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas has come to a close and four teams have punched their ticket to the playoffs, while four have been reaped from the playing field. After today’s matches, the four best-of-three decider matches for Friday have been set. See the full rundown of all the matches that were played out from today.

Group A

Winner’s Match

  • [Nuke] Astralis 16 - 9 OpTic Gaming

Elimination Match

  • [Nuke] North 16 - 4 compLexity Gaming

Friday’s Matchup

  • OpTic Gaming vs. North

Group B

Winners’ Match

  • [Cobblestone] Gambit Esports 16 - 10 Virtus.pro

Elimination Match

  • [Mirage] Fnatic 16 - 9 Misfits

Friday’s Matchup

  • Virtus.pro vs. Fnatic

Group C

Winners’ Match

  • [Overpass] SK Gaming 16- 9 Cloud9

Elimination Match

  • [Cobblestone] Ninjas in Pyjamas 16 - 5 TyLoo

Friday’s Matchup

  • Cloud9 vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas

Group D

Winners’ Match

  • [Mirage] mousesports 16 - 10 FaZe Clan

Elimination Match

  • [Mirage] Natus Vincere 16 - 6 Renegades

Friday’s Matchup

  • FaZe Clan vs. Natus Vincere

Playoff Teams

  1. Astralis
  2. Gambit Esports
  3. SK Gaming
  4. mousesports

Eliminated Teams

  1. compLexity Gaming
  2. Misfits
  3. TyLoo
  4. Renegades

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