g3x Win WCA Americas LAN

g3x come out on top at the World Cyber Arena LAN tournament.

The Brazilian team g3x saw victory yesterday at the eight team LAN in São Paulo, Brazil. In addition to first place, the team also won a spot at the WCA World Finals, as well as their $15,000 slice of the $26,000 total prize pool. The WCA World Finals will be taking place from Dec. 9-13, where 10 teams will be fighting for a part of the $208,000 prize pool.

Image courtesy of WCA

In their first single elimination best-of-one game, g3x eliminated Black Dragons while 3xTeam beat ProGaming. The second round was a best-of-three match, where g3x beat CNB 2-0 and 3xTeam beat Furious 2-0 as well. 

The finals thus took place between g3x and 3xTeam, where g3x beat them 2-0 and 3xTeam walked away with around $7,500 and a spot to WCA. CNB beat Furious for third and the two teams went home with $3,000 and $1,500 respectively.

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