FURIA’s honda aces G2 twice in debut match at BLAST Premier Global Final

Honda made his debut for FURIA against G2 and it's one nobody will forget.

Image via Valve

FURIA Esports’ newest CS:GO signing, honda, made his debut against G2 Esports at the BLAST Premier Global Final today—and no one will forget it anytime soon.

In just the second round of the first map of the series, Inferno, honda held off the B bombsite with four well-placed Desert Eagle headshots. Then, to finish his masterpiece, he picked up a MAG-7 shotgun and earned his ace in style.

This highlight sent the casters and CS:GO Twitter into an absolute frenzy. Players from teams like Astralis and Cloud9 expressed their disbelief and offered praise amid a plethora of car puns. And then, he went and did it again.

Just two rounds later, he shut down a Banana rush almost single-handedly, taking down two players with grenades and the final three with his MP9. After just four rounds, honda already had 11 kills, which was more than the rest of his team combined. Fittingly, the match took a technical pause right after, allowing the fans and casters to soak in the unreal plays some more.

Honda was promoted to FURIA's main roster as a sixth man less than a week before this match, namely because he was needed to take the place of the team's other new addition, Junior. Junior was unable to attend BLAST because of passport issues, so honda was asked to jump into the starting lineup in the short term.

Junior even offered his praise for honda in his own unique way:

At time of writing, FURIA is leading G2 in the first map of the series, 11-8.