FPX’s STYKO suggests changes to Ancient

There are a few bugs Valve can fix before IEM Summer kicks off.

Image via Valve

Slovakian CS:GO pro Martin “STYKO” Styk from FunPlus Phoenix has discovered a few bugs on Ancient, the new map that was added to the Active Duty map pool in April.

Like other maps that feature water, such as Overpass and Inferno, you can hear footsteps in water across the whole map on Ancient, regardless of whether you’re close to the water area (T spawn). STYKO gave his suggestion for how Valve could fix this. “Either remove water in whole T spawn area on Ancient or fix the bug where you hear water steps across the map that has been in the game since forever,” STYKO said on Twitter.

This ruins a lot of rounds and a player’s ability to clutch on the map, according to STYKO. For example, if a terrorist is seen at the B bombsite and decides to rotate via T spawn, the CTs would be able to hear sound cues and cut off the player’s rotation.

The Slovakian rifler also posted two videos where players can see through walls, which should be something that’s easy to fix, unlike the issue with footsteps in water. STYKO showed that the bug happens in one of the A bombsite’s walls. The other wall is at the T-side lower area and is a bit more difficult to spot.

Aside from his professional career, STYKO joined the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association’s board of players recently, so perhaps he has a direct line with Valve if the Twitter posts don’t work.

Some of the best CS:GO teams in the world will have the chance to play Ancient in official matches for the first time soon since IEM Summer will feature the map. The tournament is set to kick off on June 3.