Former Cloud9 player vice is taking a break from the competitive scene

The 23-year-old rifler will focus on his education.

Photo via BLAST Pro Series

Former Cloud9 CS:GO player, Daniel “vice” Kim will take an indefinite break from competition, he announced yesterday.

Vice played for Cloud9 in the first half of the CS:GO season, from March to July 2019. He competed in several big events such as DreamHack Masters Dallas and ESL Pro League season nine in June but the lineup didn’t achieve any good results. Vice has been a free agent since Cloud9 revamped their roster in July.

Vice said that he’ll take the break because he lost the motivation and inspiration to keep playing the game. “I don’t think staying in the pro scene for the sake of money is the right way for me,” Vice said. ” I’m planning on going back to school for now but CS has been such a big part of my life that I doubt I’ll be done with it forever.”

Some of vice’s ex-teammates, like Maikil “Golden” Selim and Spencer “Hiko” Martin, wished him good luck moving forward. Vice played for other big organizations throughout his four-year career, such as TSM and eUnited in 2016 and Rogue from 2017 to 2019, until he was poached by Cloud9.

We’ll see for how long vice will stay away from the competitive scene. He didn’t put up great numbers for Cloud9 this season, but would still be a viable asset to every North American team that plays at the ESEA MDL.