FNATIC Olofmeister to be replaced for DreamHack

Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer will not be playing at the DreamHack Masters in Malmö and here is why.

After suffering an arm injury, the Fnatic team realised Olof “ Olofmeister ” Kajbjer’s discomfort and knew that he would need time to recover. This meant that a temporary stand-in would be needed and instead of upsetting the balance of another team, they searched the available talent pool for a up-and-coming player with the same drive as Olof.


Niclas “ Plessen ” Plessen is known to be quite deadly in the FPL leagues and Fnatic hope to “help him grow as a player and blend him into the team.”

Fnatic’s coach Viktor “ Vuggo ” Jendeby said that “We will take no long term risks to see short term success.” He also mentioned Plessen has shown great potential when they played both with and against him in FPL games and Fnatic hopes to make him feel as comfortable as possible to allow him to grow.

For a full run-down on the announcement, as well as the full interviews with Vuggo, Plessen and the CGO of Fnatic, check out their website by clicking here .

This is the second shocking replacement of a team’s star player for DreamHack, as Ladislav “Guardian” Kovács will also not be attending Malm ö. To find out more on that story, click  here .

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