FaZe star Coldzera says he contracted COVID-19

He isn't the first CS:GO player to contract the virus.

Photo by Jak Howard via BLAST Premier

FaZe Clan superstar Coldzera has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the CS:GO player revealed on his Instagram. 

Last night Coldzera told his Instagram followers that he had contracted COVID-19, but did not provide further details on his diagnosis.

“Yeah corona, you got me,” he told his followers last night, according to a translation. 

Image via Instagram

Although it’s unclear when Coldzera contracted the virus, COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets and contact routes, according to the U.K. government. He recently celebrated his 26th birthday alongside fellow CS:GO players LUCAS1, kNgV-, and HEN1.

Coldzera isn’t the first CS:GO player to contract the virus. Dignitas player Friberg revealed that he had contracted the virus on Oct. 27, but later informed his followers that he felt better on Nov. 2, but still experienced common symptoms including lack of taste and smell. 

Na’Vi player Perfecto said that his “condition worsened” on Oct. 18 following contraction of the virus, which led to an immediate rescheduling of Na’Vi’s tie against forZe at IEM New York CIS last month. This match took place on Oct. 20, instead, in which Na’Vi lost 2-0. 

At the time of publication, over 49 million people have contracted COVID-19 around the world, which has led to the deaths of over one million. The most common symptoms of the virus include fever, dry cough, and fatigue, but some have experienced loss of taste and smell, according to the World Health Organization