FaZe Pick up KioShiMa

In a Facebook post, FaZe Clan announce their replacement for Maikelele: KioShiMa from Team EnVyUs.

In a Facebook post, FaZe stated that Maikel “ Maikelele ” Bill will remain part the organisation and that his position with the team is on the table for discussion. FaZe also mentioned that Fabien “ KioShiMa ” Fiey is “ a proven champion, and one of the most decorated and experienced players on today’s Counter Strike scene.”


Kio has two major wins under his belt, as well as an X-Games gold medal. Although his recent performances have been lackluster, perhaps a new team will allow him to regain his old, dominant form.


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Could this be the start of a French reshuffle with Maikelele out for grabs? Let us know your thoughts in comments below or by tweeting us @eSportsNation .