Endpoint benches Thomas shortly after re-signing him

The player has been benched just two months after re-signing for two more years.

Image via Endpoint

Endpoint has benched Thomas Utting after the two sides decided it’d be best to part ways, the organization announced today.

“This move has been mutually considered and agreed by both parties and we want to thank Thomas for his time in the CSGO team and wish him all the best for the future,” the announcement reads.

“Thanks for the good time we had Endpoint,” Thomas said on Twitter. “After 6 months, I’m benched and allowed to explore new options. Time to look for a new family to start the next chapter of my career. Ready to give everything to make this happen.”

This decision may come as a surprise to many CS:GO fans. At the end of August, the organization re-signed four of its players, including Thomas, calling them “legacy members.”

But now, after a few failed tournaments, such as IEM Fall 2021: Europe, where the team finished last in their group, the 23-year-old is the first to be benched. The squad did find some successes here and there, such as winning ESL Premiership Autumn 2021. Nevertheless, Endpoint certainly aims high and plans to become a top-tier CS:GO team in the future.

It’s unclear who the next player for the British team will be, but they need to find a replacement quickly. Endpoint will try their luck at ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference, where they’ll compete alongside 15 other teams to try to qualify for the next season of EPL.

The Conference stage will begin on Nov. 23. Until then, Endpoint don’t have any scheduled event. That might change, however, once the team adds a new player to its roster.