Team Liquid’s EliGE scores incredible ace in CS:GO

Four of the kills were headshots.

Photo via BLAST

Aces might be a common thing in CS:GO, but when they’re claimed by one player, they can be eye-watering to watch. They take a considerable amount of skill and map awareness to pull off.

A play like this was scored last night by Team Liquid veteran, EliGE. The player proved that he’s still one of the best to play the game in the modern era.

The clip begins in a pretty standard scenario. EliGE is pushing the lower tunnels on T-side and manages to eliminate the first enemy after successfully blinding them with a flash grenade. Afterward, he pushes to A site through short with his team.

EliGE pushes in a pretty standard manner, peeking the A Plant. There, an enemy is hiding. The Team Liquid player manages to land a quick headshot and continues to search for enemies.

At this point, the pro is smart enough to realize the B player should know the terrorists were pushing A. The player, therefore, drops down to CT spawn and once again lands a headshot, this time on the enemy exiting the site.

With three kills to his name, EliGE doesn’t mean to stop his streak. He rotates to long, where the two last opponents are ready and waiting. Once the pro gets into position, he catches the enemies off-guard and quickly lands another couple of impressive headshots.

EliGE and NAF are the last remaining players on Team Liquid’s roster after the latest overhaul. The North American side still hasn’t finalized its fifth player, but nitr0 is close to returning to the team, according to reports.