ELEAGUE Group A Week Day 2 Recap

Here is everything you need to know about scores and standings for teams as of the second day of ELEAGUE season one.

The long awaited ELEAGUE, which is presented by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., or TBS, and Twitch, has begun and today was the second day of Group A week.

Each week, teams will compete in a round-robin tournament to test their might. Group A is comprised of Cloud9, Luminosity Gaming, Renegades and Team Liquid. Here is everything you need to know:

Renegades vs. Team Liquid

  • Renegades won 16-14 against Team Liquid on Mirage
  • Renegades won 16-10 against Team Liquid on Train

Cloud9 vs. Luminosity Gaming

  • Luminosity won 16-7 against Cloud9 on Dust II
  • Luminosity won 16-10 against Cloud9 on Train

Cloud9 vs. Renegades

  • Cloud9 beat Renegades 16-7 on Train
  • Renegades won 16-11 against Cloud9 on Cobblestone

Since this is a round-robin tournament, teams will accrue points for their wins. So far, Luminosity Gaming leads the Group A standings. Here are the current standings for all Group A teams:

  • Cloud9 – 3 points
  • Luminosity Gaming – 6 points
  • Renegades – 3 points
  • Team Liquid – 0 points

Tomorrow, the four teams will compete in best-of-three matches in the Group A semifinals. The top two teams from the semifinals will play at 10 p.m. EST on Friday on TBS.

What are you predictions for who will earn enough points to solidify a playoff or qualifier spot? You can tune in on Tuesday through Thursday on Twitch to catch live games and on your local TBS channel on Friday for each group’s finals match. Make sure to follow @GAMURScom on Twitter to for live updates and other esports news.

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