Dire Wolves beat Overperformers 16-0 twice in ESEA Premier Australia match

This is not common whatsoever.

Image via Valve

Dire Wolves, an Australian CS:GO team that’s in second place in the ESEA Premier Australia season 37 right now, made history today.

Euan “sterling” Moore and crew defeated Overperformers 2-0 in the ESEA Premier Australia season 37. But most notably, they beat them 16-0 twice on Dust II and Inferno. This is an extremely rare result in semi-professional or professional tournaments and one the players from both teams will undoubtedly remember forever.

This is only the fourth time a team has double 16-0’d another, according to HLTV’s recorded matches. But it’s the first time this feat happened in an actual league match.

It’s also impressive that Dire Wolves accomplished this starting on the T-side of Dust II and Inferno, two maps that are almost neutral since they don’t heavily benefit either side. The star of the match was sterling, an AWPer who’s most known for his time with Grayhound Gaming between 2018 and 2019. He finished the series with 42 kills and just 17 deaths, which boasted his rating to a 2.17.

Although this was a terrible result for Overperformers, they’re taking it in stride. Their official Twitter account reacted with a funny GIF after the match was over and Ryan “Gregas” McNelis, one of the players, hasn’t taken the result to heart. “If anyone has any tips on how to get some kills, please hit me up,” he said on Reddit.

Overperformers will have plenty of time to digest this 32-0 series since they won’t play in the ESEA Premier Australia season 37 again until next Wednesday, June 2, against BBBMBCBS. Dire Wolves will have enough time to rest on their laurels since they’ll return to the server on Tuesday, June 1 to take on Riot Gaming.