Dignitas completes its CS:GO roster with HEAP

Dignitas is betting on unproven talent for the remainder of the CS:GO season.

Screengrab via Dignitas

Dignitas has signed Swedish player Ludvig “⁠HEAP⁠” Alonso to round out its CS:GO team, the organization announced today.

HEAP’s signing comes one day after Dignitas added Haris “⁠H4RR3⁠” Hadzic from Nordavind. Before that, the team was down to just three players as a result of GeT_RiGhT and Xizt being benched last month. The veterans are still tied to Dignitas and haven’t revealed their plans for the future.

Although H4RR3 and HEAP are unproven talents, the latter has less experience in professional CS:GO. The 20-year-old was attached to the Swedish esports organization Begrip Gaming between February and July 2020, when Begrip released its roster.

“Getting this opportunity by Dignitas and the team is beyond reality,” HEAP said on Twitter. “I am truly grateful to be a part of the team and will do everything in my power to show you all what we are capable off.”

Dignitas signed its current lineup in January but the results haven’t matched the expectations created by the former NiP players and Norwegian prospect Håkon “⁠hallzerk⁠” Fjærl. The organization has also shifted its former analyst Halvor “⁠vENdetta⁠” Gulestøl to be the team’s head coach and has transitioned former coach Robin “⁠Fifflaren⁠” Johansson to a full-managerial role.

H4RR3 and HEAP will debut for Dignitas in Flashpoint season two, where they’ll face teams such as Cloud9, MAD Lions, and Gen.G starting on Nov. 9.