CS:GO’s Aug. 12 update adds six new music kits to the game

You can buy new music tracks to play when you're the MVP of the round.

Image via Valve

A new CS:GO update hit the live servers yesterday at 6:26pm CT and introduced the “Tacticians” Music Kit Box, which is available in regular and StatTrack™ variants, bringing six new music kits to the game.

When you have a music kit equipped on your CS:GO account, it’ll play every time at the end of the rounds when you’re elected the MVP. The description for each new music kit can be found on the update’s source code and is listed below:

  • Austin Wintory, Mocha Petal: Austin Wintory answers the question humanity has asked for ages: what happens if you merge beer garden accordion polka music with grungy heavy metal?
  • Chipzel, ~Yellow Magic~: Video game composer and chiptune legend Chipzel brings a glitchy Speak & Spell inspired mashup of hybrid styles packed with fun, funk and flavour.
  • Freaky DNA, Vici: Opera. 8-bit sounds. Analogue synths. What’s not to love? Chiptune specialist Freaky DNA and soprano Leanne Koch team up for some heavy beats and good times!
  • Jesse Harlin, Astro Bellum: Composer Jesse Harlin delivers bombastic space opera drama inspired by classic sci-fi of the 70s, 80s, and beyond.
  • Laura Shigihara: Work Hard, Play Hard: Video game composer and developer Laura Shigihara will help you tell everyone loudly and proudly that you’re the MVP. Have fun with this unique blend of 90s dance, retro video game synth, and just a hint of Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Sarah Schachner, KOLIBRI: Brought to you by Sarah Schachner, a dystopian goth choir of self-aware, Scandinavian robots decide that humanity must be eliminated.

Aside from the six new music kits, the devs also introduced a new miscellaneous feature. Valve added a designation of bombsite A and B to game events generated when a player begins to plant the bomb and finishes planting the bomb. This means the automatic chat message “I’m planting the bomb” to Terrorists will include which site the bomb carrier is planting.