CS:GO streamer throws AWP to bait opponent and knife them

This is a good way to mock your adversary.

Image via Valve

A small CS:GO streamer made an infamous trick during his casual matchmaking last night.

He dropped his AWP, one of the most expensive guns in the game, on the ground in front of the Terrorists’ doors in Dust II and hid behind the door.

“Chat, pray for this to work, this is content,” the streamer said.

The CT that rushed Long went immediately for the sniper rifle and got knifed in the back.

Although the streamer got what he wanted, this isn’t a good strategy if you’re having a tough game like he was (12-11). He had the perfect spawn to use the AWP in Long and could’ve been killed for free if the enemy was smart enough. If nobody had rushed Long, the streamer would’ve simply wasted his time.

But it’s a common trick to use your own weapon as bait. During pro games, players sometimes throw their pistol to bait an AWP shot or use it as a fake flash, expecting that the enemy will turn around to not get blinded.

If you’re in a clutch situation, another good trick is to take an AWP shot and drop it to grab a rifle or SMG if there’s one on the ground. The enemy will likely rush you because of the missed shot and you’ll get an easy kill.