CS:GO player nearly replicates coldzera’s iconic AWP play from 2016

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Image via Valve

Every match of CS:GO is different from one another. While epic plays do occur, it takes the stars aligning for someone to replicate a career-defining moment.

But one CS:GO fan recently shared a short clip where they pulled off a play similar to coldzera’s unforgettable jumping AWP on Mirage from 2016.

In this short clip, the player quickly checked B Plat from Van and spotted a couple of enemies slowly creeping toward the B Site. The player’s instincts took over and they quickly switched to the AWP after throwing a grenade. The grenade claimed one kill, while a no-scope AWP shot was enough to take down two enemies in one bullet. 

Marcelo “coldzera” David is currently playing for FaZe Clan as a rifler. See the gear Coldzera is using below.

While there are some differences between this moment and coldzera’s play, it might be the closest anyone will get to replicating the epic LAN play in a matchmaking game.

In the original version of the play, Team Liquid tried to overwhelm Luminosity Gaming’s B-Site defense with a five-man push. But coldzera put an end to their strategy before it even started.

He quickly took down edreN with his first shot and followed it up with a no-scope double kill on EliGE and s1mple.

Screengrab via Valve

The AWP graffiti in this spot on Mirage, which can also be seen in the first few seconds of the recent clip, is a tribute to coldzera’s ace from 2016.