CS:GO player nails Dust II play he had practiced in the same day

Hard work pays off sometimes.

Image via Valve

For competitors and hardcore casuals, there’s almost nothing more satisfying than to see your practice reflect in an official match.

A casual CS:GO player spent an afternoon practicing a play on Dust II which consisted of smoking the Catwalk, so he didn’t get shot from Car when entering the A bombsite, then mollying Goose to make a potential enemy move. Later that day, the player was on a one-versus-three clutch situation on the CT side of Dust II, which he quickly transformed into a one-versus-two after killing one terrorist crossing from A long to A ramp.

Then he rotated to Catwalk and attempted the play he had practiced in the afternoon. He used the smoke and throw the molly on Goose. One terrorist was standing there and the CT was quick enough to kill him before he escaped. The last terrorist was playing the bomb on Pit, and the player nailed his third AWP shot to kill him and defuse the C4 on time.

Normally, it’s not a great idea to toss your utility when you’re in a clutch situation as it will reveal your position and there could be a player waiting for your mistake. But this player used his molly to perfection and got rewarded with an easy kill.

The player is currently a Gold Nova 4 in matchmaking, but he’ll probably progress in the near future if he keeps practicing right before jumping in to a ranked match.