CS:GO player gets no-scoped from across the map

What a shot.

Image via Valve

A casual CS:GO player was recently taken down by the most ridiculous no-scope we’ve seen in a while.

The player in this clip had an AWP on the CT-side of Mirage and went directly to Window at the start of the round to cover mid. Their adversaries surprised them with a run boost, which isn’t that common in casual matches. But the funny thing is that the person who was run-boosted killed the Window player with a no-scope AWP shot while they were in mid-air.

It wasn’t all in vain for the CT player, though. They at least killed the support player before getting hit with the no-scope from long range. That’s the best outcome for this situation and there’s no shame in being killed by such an unlikely play.

This clip truly defines the phrase “sometimes your opponent is just having a good day,” a piece of advice that Valve put in the game that appears sometimes when the map is loading. The terrorist who hit the flying no-scope probably wasn’t using cheats because even third-party software can’t hack CS:GO‘s RNG anymore.

You could try to replicate this play in your own match, but we’d advise you to try it in casual matches and not ranked since you’ll probably fail several times and will put your teammates in a bad position.