CS:GO player gets a Desert Eagle ace on Mirage

This player fullfiled the dream of every Desert Eagle user.

Image via Valve

A non-professional CS:GO player recently displayed some serious Desert Eagle skills on Mirage by dealing with all of the players who appeared in his crosshairs.

The player was standing on Mirage’s A bombsite aiming near the A ramp when the terrorist team started to come out one by one. His crosshair placement and his reflexes allowed him to kill all four players that came in through A ramp with one bullet per headshot. The player was then quick enough to aim at the palace’s exit, probably because he or his teammate sitting under balcony heard the last terrorist running, to complete his ace with two body shots, stealing the round for his team that only had pistols against a full-buy.

This clip shows how important it is to have teammates throwing flashes while some players are entering the bombsite because the player was sitting comfortably near default and never had to turn his face away from A ramp. All the terrorists did was throw a couple of smokes and a molly toward bench. Overall, it was a lackluster execution attempt from them, especially because they didn’t push onto the site together and instead went one by one.

Their poor execution by the other team doesn’t take anything away from the player in the clip, though. He capitalized on the T-side’s mistake by calmly taking all his shots and never ran out of bullets. A fellow player asked what his practice routine is and the author of the highlight simply said all he does is play in DM servers. Perhaps he’s just a natural at Counter-Strike.