CS:GO fan recreates s1mple’s iconic 1-vs-2 play on Cache in Minecraft

Watch one of the most iconic Counter-Strike plays in history once again—this time in Minecraft.

Photo via StarLadder

There are some plays in Counter-Strike history that will never be forgotten. S1mple’s one-vs-two clutch on Cache during ESL One Cologne 2016 is certainly one of them.

The tournament had a Major status, meaning it was one of the most important events in the year. Team Liquid pulled off an enormous upset in Cologne, going all the way to the finals, where the team lost against the tournament favorites, SK Gaming.

Still, the most memorable moment from the event was made by one of Liquid’s main stars at the time, s1mple. The Ukrainian managed to win an astonishing one-vs-two clutch on Cache against Fnatic in the semifinals, which was later rewarded with the graffiti on the map’s B bombsite. Now, this moment has been made in Minecraft, thanks to the courtesy of MineStrike.

The clip begins with Fnatic eliminating s1mple’s teammate, Hiko, and quickly rotating to B to plant the bomb. Liquid’s sniper was aware of this and tried to put an end to their plans. After going through Heaven, s1mple dropped and no-scoped KRIMZ. As a result, Fnatic’s dennis rapidly peaked his rival, hoping to kill him and end the round. But the Ukrainian pulled off another no-scope, making one of the most iconic moments in CS:GO history.

“It’s absolutely unbelievable,” commentator DDK said after the play. And we can say the same about this Minecraft remake of the clip, which is truly well done. It proves that everything can be created in the famous sandbox game.

You can watch the original s1mple play below.