CS:GO fan creates destructible version of Inferno

Have fun with friends on the new version of the iconic map.

Image via Valve

A Counter-Strike fan has created a custom destructible version of Inferno that adds a twist to the classic CS:GO map and gameplay. 

As reported by PC Games, the new version of Inferno gives the T-side two satchel charges that allow them to destroy walls and other objects. This will enable them to approach each bombsite by destroying cover and walls, which adds a new dynamic to the game. CT players must be careful when hiding behind weak objects since they’re not always safe. 

In casual mode, both teams start with two satchel charges, which means CT players can also create havoc with explosives. Players can push enemies from new angles by destroying objects or they can sit back and wait for the perfect time to detonate their charges. 

The destructible environment is similar to the maps in Rainbow Six Siege, where operators can destroy and change the map with explosives and abilities. CS:GO doesn’t feature unique characters, but two satchel charges are enough to alter gameplay drastically. 

The destructible map has a few bugs, though, specifically with players getting stuck on destroyed objects. This is unavoidable on the CS:GO engine and the map creator has made this clear on the download page. But this is a small trade-off for the new exciting version of Inferno. 

Interested fans can download the destructible version of Inferno on the Steam Workshop.