CS:GO analyst orders two mice for woxic after his breaks at StarLadder Berlin Major

Mousesports don't have a proper spare mouse for one of their players.

Photo via DreamHack

Something unusual happened to Özgür “woxic” Eker, mousesports’ player at the StarLadder Berlin Major.

He is playing with a $5 spare mouse since his original broke after the first pistol round of mousesports vs forZe at the first round of the New Challengers Stage.

Woxic’s drama continued in yesterday’s second round and he said that he wasn’t feeling his game against AVANGAR. Despite that mousesports won the two matches and are one best-of-three series away from qualifying for the New Legends Stage.

Hopefully for woxic, his team and mousesports’ fans, this drama will come to an end if mousesports qualify for the New Legends Stage. Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill, a CS:GO analyst at the Major, bought himself two brand new mice for woxic, that will arrive on Aug. 27, just one day before the start of the next stage.

SPUNJ must know how painful it is to play with such a cheap mouse in a tournament. The Australian analyst was a professional player from 2012 to 2016 and represented Australian organizations such as Vox Eminor and Renegades.

But part of the community, including personalities and fans are not happy with woxic’s situation, because they think that a professional player should always bring a spare mouse with the same model for a tournament. Especially at the Major, which is the most important event in CS:GO.

We’ll see if woxic qualifies for the New Legends Stage while playing with the cheap mouse until SPUNJ’s order arrives or if it will have a negative impact in mousesports’s campaign.