Germany’s best Counter-Strike teams consolidate rosters

Germany’s best teams in Counter-Strike are moving to build an international powerhouse

Germany’s best teams in Counter-Strike are moving to build an international powerhouse.

Penta Sports announced today that the team has added two former Planetkey Dynamics players, Johannes “Nex” Maget and Hendrix “Strux1” Goetzendorff.

The team released Felix Zech and Robin “Robsen” Stephan yo make room for the new acquisitions.

The news comes as a surprise. Penta Sports was riding a wave of success in recent weeks. The team managed to make the top eight at DreamHack Winter before taking third at TakeTV’s Acer A-Split Invitational.

In the team’s official statement on the move, captain Timo “Spiidi” Richter acknowledged that success and the team’s camaraderie.

“We played for about six months (with this roster) and it has always been a lot of fun, the chemistry within the team has always been very good which is worth a lot,” Richter said.

But the team’s recent achievements had left it wanting for more, and the group as composed could go no further, according to Richter.

“I don’t want to disparage our achievements but we made it to a point where we couldn’t improve our play anymore,” Richter said.

The team already has some idea of how the new roster might play together, as Maget played for Penta Sports at the Acer A-Split Invitational in Krefeld, Germany.

The news comes on the heels of Planetkey Dynamics’ release of Tobias “Troubley” Tabbert immediately after winning the most recent season of the ESL Pro Series in Germany. That may have been the first step towards the deconstruction of Planetkey Dynamics in favor of a new Penta Sports roster.

This move, combined with the recent struggles of a Mousesports squad who were themselves beaten by Penta Sports in Krefeld, likely puts Penta atop the German Counter-Strike scene for the time being.

The next step will be bringing that success to the international stage.

Image via Penta Sports/Facebook