Complexity upset Vitality to win BLAST Premier Spring Europe finals

The org won its first big CS:GO trophy with this lineup.

Image via Complexity Gaming

Complexity’s CS:GO team has finally turned into a juggernaut, just like its owner Jason Lake planned in August 2019 before making all sort of roster changes.

The international squad won its first big trophy today as they defeated Vitality 2-1 at the BLAST Premier Spring Europe finals. Benjamin “blameF” Bremer and crew haven’t lose a single series throughout the tournament, taking down teams such as OG, Natus Vincere, and FaZe before meeting Vitality in the grand finals.

The grand finals weren’t easy for Complexity, though. Vitality demolished them on Vertigo, the first map of the series, as they won by 16-2. The series moved to Mirage, which was Complexity’s pick. Mirage was back-and-forth, and Vitality had the chance to close it on round 30. But the French seemingly misunderstood Complexity’s economy. Shox even played it with a MAC-10, although he and every one of his teammates could afford an AK-47.

Vitality rushed B and Complexity massacred them with counter-utility to win the round and take it to overtime. Complexity carried the momentum and won Mirage 19-16, taking the series to the third map, Nuke.

Vitality were on a five-round win streak and winning by 8-3 until Valentin “poizon” Vasilev won an important one-versus-two clutch for Complexity. That round was a game-changer as Complexity won all the remaining rounds of the half to close the gap to 8-7.

Once on the CT-side, Complexity were the best team on Nuke and its in-game leader BlameF even had an ace on one of the rounds. Complexity shut down almost all of Vitality’s attacks and won the map by 16-12.

Poizon finished the series with 66 kills, the first on Complexity’s side, but the most impactful player of the series was ZywOo, with 80 frags on his own. But that wasn’t enough to help Vitality win the tournament as Complexity played better as a team.

Complexity has gained $335,000 for winning BLAST Premier Spring Europe finals and has also won a spot at the Global finals. Vitality grabbed the same spot and $65,000.

The Americas grand final will be decided today by MIBR and Evil Geniuses at 5:30pm CT.