CompLexity Signs APE to CS:GO Roster

Ape officially replaces Witmer on the team after subbing for him at Northern Arena.

North American Counter-Strike team compLexityhas made an official roster move, as they have signed Cory”APE” Bate to their roster. He officiallyreplaces Shawn “witmer” Taylor after substituting forhim at the recent Northern Arena event.

 The team made it to the quarterfinals of that event beforefalling to Echo Fox. In an announcement on their Facebook page, coL sangBate’s praises.

During his recent appearance with coL.cs Cory made it clearthat he fit in very well with the team and would make an excellentaddition to the competitive roster. In the near future Cory will bemaking his way down to the new coL.cs team house in Denver,Colorado.

The full coL.cs roster now stands as:

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