Cloud9 Show Dominance: ESL Pro League NA Week 1 Recap

ESL Pro League North American Week 1 Recap.

Today marked the end of ESL Pro League Week One for North America. The following teams are competing in the league: Cloud9, compLexity Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, Echo Fox, eUnited, Immortals, NRG Esports, OpTic Gaming, Renegades, Selfless Gaming, SK Gaming, Splyce, Team Liquid and Winterfox.

Here is your full recap of this week (8/17-8/21):

Wednesday, Aug. 17

Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid

  • Cloud9 defeat Team Liquid 16-8 on Cobblestone
  • Cloud9 defeat Team Liquid 16-10 on Dust 2 

OpTic Gaming vs. compLexity Gaming

  • OpTic Gaming defeat compLexity Gaming 16-4 on Mirage
  • OpTic Gaming defeat compLexity gaming 16-6 on Train 

ESL Pro League NA Wild Card: Echo Fox vs. Luminosity Gaming

  • Echo Fox defeat Luminosity 16-4 on Train
  • Echo Fox defeat Luminosity 16-13 on Dust 2 

With this win, Echo Fox qualified for the ESL Pro League.

Thursday, Aug. 18

Cloud9 vs. Immortals 

  • Cloud9 defeat Immortals 16-5 on Cobblestone
  • Cloud9 defeat Immortals 16-14 on Overpass 

Echo Fox vs. Team Liquid

  • Echo Fox defeat Team Liquid 16-10 on Dust 2
  • Echo Fox defeat Team Liquid 19-16 on Nuke

Saturday, Aug. 20

Echo Fox vs. Selfless Gaming

  • Echo Fox defeat Selfless Gaming 16-13 on Dust 2
  • Echo Fox defeat Selfless Gaming 16-14 on Mirage

Immortals vs. compLexity Gaming

  • Immortals defeat compLexity Gaming 16-7 on Train
  • compLexity Gaming defeat Immortals 16-12 on Cache

Team Liquid vs. OpTic Gaming

  • Team Liquid defeat OpTic Gaming 16-3 on Mirage
  • Team Liquid defeat OpTic Gaming 22-20 on Cobblestone

Sunday, Aug. 21

Immortals vs. Selfless Gaming

  • Immortals defeat Selfless Gaming 16-1 on Cobblestone
  • Immortals defeat Selfless Gaming 16-8 on Cache 

Echo Fox vs. eUnited

  • Echo Fox defeat eUnited 16-7 on Mirage
  • Echo Fox defeat eUnited 16-8 on Overpass

Cloud9 vs. OpTic Gaming

  • Cloud9 defeat OpTic Gaming 16-2 on Train
  • Cloud9 defeat OpTic Gaming 16-12 on Cache

Current Standings:

  1. Cloud9 (6-0)
  2. Immortals (3-3)
  3. Echo Fox (2-0)
  4. OpTic Gaming (2-4)
  5. Team Liquid (2-4)
  6. compLexity Gaming (1-3)

The rest of the teams competing have not yet played yet.

ESL Pro League will return on Wednesday, Aug. 24. Make sure to tune in to see who will be the dominant team in week two.

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