CEVO GFinity CS:GO Season 9 Finals – Day Three Recap

Day three recap of CEVO Gfinity Season 9 Finals.

Today marked the third day of play for the CEVO Gfinity Season Nine Finals, which consisted of two great best of five series.

Semifinal #1

(3-1) SK Gaming 3-0 Hellraisers (2-1)

  • SK Gaming 16-10 Hellraisers on Dust 2
  • SK Gaming 16-14 Hellraisers on Overpass
  • SK Gaming 16-3 Hellraisers Cobblestone

Semifinal #2

(3-0) Tempo Storm 3-2 Virtus Pro  (1-2)

  • Tempo Storm 16-9 Virtus Pro on Dust 2
  • Tempo Storm 16-7 Virtus Pro on Train
  • Virtus Pro 16-4 Tempo Storm on Inferno
  • Virtus Pro 16-13 Tempo Storm on Cache
  • Tempo Storm 16-11 Virtus Pro on Mirage


The Grand Finals with SK Gaming vs. Tempo Storm will begin at 10:30 AM EDT and can be viewed on Twitch .

Who do you think will win CEVO GFinity Season Nine Finals? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter – @ eSportsNation