CEVO Announce Season 8

CEVO have announced Season 8 of their league.

After a successful seventh season of their league, CEVO have announced their eighth season, where the LAN Finals will again appear at the MLG arena in Columbus, Ohio from November, 6 – November, 8.

This season will feature four different divisions for different levels of skill. These will be referred to as; Professional, Main, Intermediate and Amateur. The Man, Intermediate, and Amateur skill divisions will be seen as a ‘stepping stone’ group as teams within these levels will be fighting for a spot in the superior levels of competition.

Previously, teams have received three points for a series win and one point each for a series that is tied, but now, in Season 8, teams will gain a point from each map won in the best-of-two series.

The prize pool has been increased as now, $150,000 will be distributed among the participating teams, with $50,000 of the prize money going towards travel support for the teams that qualify for the Season LAN Finals in November.

Here is the schedule for Season 8:

  • July, 23 – August, 22: Registration and pre-season
  • July, 20 – August, 11: Placement tournament
  • August, 16 – October, 8: Regular season
  • October, 11 – TBA: Playoffs
  • Noveber, 6 – November, 8: Season LAN Finals

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