WME-IMG’s CS:GO practice site Boomeo shuts down

The agency has ditched the project.

Image via Valve

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive educational platform run by WME-IMG has shut down after staffing changes.

Boomeo, a site known for its practice servers and content creation with professional players, unexpectedly shut down without a public announcement last night.

The site is completely inaccessible, and entering the website address in a browser will give users a DNS address error. Boomeo’s YouTube channel, which has over 28,000 subscribers, is also without content right now.

The site as a whole was one of the most useful tools for learning Counter-Strike. It partnered with many organizations such as Astralis, SK Gaming, Cloud9, CLG, G2 Esports, and compLexity Gaming to provide the Counter-Strike community with professional player-made content.

Alongside those videos, Boomeo hosted in-game public servers in North America and Europe dedicated to game modes aimed at skill improvement, such as site retakes, free-for-all deathmatch, pre-fire, and most importantly, duels.

“The main esports team at WME-IMG recently quit. Boomeo was a passion project spearheaded by a guy name Simon and he is one of the folks that quit,” esports personality Scott “SirScoots” Smith said on Reddit. “I imagine WME-IMG decided this side business was not worth the effort and cost to keep going.”

Sir Scoots also believes that it may not be the end of what Boomeo was, and that there’s a chance that it may rebrand and relaunch.