Astralis Dupreeh says the Krieg a “shame” for CS:GO

The Krieg needs a nerf, according to the pros.

Photo via BLAST Pro Series

Astralis rifler Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen has commented on the SG 553 meta in CS:GO and the “shame” it brings to the game, according to an interview with HLTV. 

The Krieg has angered many CS:GO professionals due to its fast fire-rate and headshot accuracy, making it the deadliest rifle in the game. On Oct. 9, the SSG 553’s price was reduced to $2,750, only $50 more than the AK-47. Subsequently, the Krieg has been an important part of the CS:GO meta. 

The Astralis rifler said that the recent buffs made the Krieg the most overpowered gun in the history of Counter-Strike. He said that it benefits both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists because it allows players on both teams to take duels they wouldn’t usually be able to take. 

Dupreeh said that Krieg players can easily out-duel AWP players. On Oct. 25, Astralis’ main sniper, one of the best players in the world, Nicolai “device” Reedtz said that he doesn’t think it’s worth purchasing an AWP in the Krieg meta. 

The rifler said that he wants the Krieg to be nerfed in a similar manner to the AUG, which was nerfed on June 18 and was subsequently removed from the meta. But that weapon can still be useful in certain situations. 

Since the Krieg is extremely powerful, a nerf may be on the horizon, shifting the meta back to AK-47’s as the main rifle for the Terrorist side.