Astralis defeat Heroic at DreamHack Masters Spring Europe in their first match with JUGi

The new blood was one of the best players in the second map of the series.

Photo via Astralis

Jakob “JUGi” Hansen made his debut with Astralis today after in-game leader gla1ve announced he’ll take at least a three-month break due to medical reasons.

The Danish CS:GO powerhouse beat Heroic 2-0 today in the opening round of the DreamHack Masters Spring Europe. JUGi, who signed with the organization earlier this month, will be Astralis’ fifth until at least July when es3tag will arrive and can sub in if the Danes want.

The best-of-three series against Heroic was a true test for Astralis since both matches were tight. JUGi had a rough run on the first map, Train, and finished with 13 kills and 19 deaths. Astralis, however, won in overtime 19-16. Device and dupreeh combined for 54 frags.

Inferno wasn’t easier by any means. Heroic led 9-2 at one point in the first half and Astralis were struggling. JUGi did most of the hard work and they slowly recovered to grab three more rounds. In the second half, however, device took off and started grabbing multikills with his AWP, which helped Astralis win 16-14.

This was a decent debut performance by JUGi, though. He finished the series with 32 kills and 36 deaths but helped the team win some rounds. The 23-year-old wasn’t brought in to be the star but to be part of the already successful Astralis system. This was also JUGi’s first official match in five months since he was inactive after being benched by North in January.

Astralis will return to the server tomorrow against North at 10:30am CT. The organization still hasn’t officially announced who’s taken over the in-game leadership during gla1ve’s abscence.