4 March 2017 - 17:31

A Heroic run comes to an end: IEM Katowice Day 4 Recap

Our finalists are revealed after two matches at IEM Katowice today.
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The penultimate day of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been completed at the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Katowice, Poland, where four teams fought for a coveted position in the grand finals. The Danish teams Heroic and Astralis faced each other, as did FaZe, who has looked like a whole new spectacle since bringing on the all-around ace Nikola “NiKo” Kovac , and Immortals. Here is how the semifinals went down today in the Spodek Arena.

FaZe Clan vs. Immortals

  • FaZe 16-9 Immortals on Inferno
  • FaZe 16-10 Immortals on Mirage

FaZe wins the game and will play in tomorrow’s grand final.

Heroic vs. Astralis

  • Astralis 16-12 Heroic on Train
  • Astralis 16-12 Heroic on Nuke

Astralis wins the game and will face FaZe in tomorrow’s grand final.

The grand final is all set for tomorrow. Astralis and FaZe will meet in a best-of-five showdown to fight for the crown in Katowice, and the lion’s share of a $250,000 prize pool.

A storyline to watch for in this game is if, now that he is on a world-class lineup, the dominating talent that is NiKo can win a major international title in Counter-Strike like the Intel Extreme Masters, as a title of this magnitude always eluded him on mousesports.

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Image via ESL

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