100 Thieves upset mousesports to secure last quarterfinal spot at IEM Katowice

100 Thieves want to be a part of CS:GO's top-five teams again.

Photo via ESL

100 Thieves took down two of the favorites to win IEM Katowice today. First, they beat Evil Geniuses. And now, mousesports were their latest victim.

The Australian CS:GO team pulled off their second sweep reverse of the day, this time to win IEM Katowice’s Group B lower bracket final and qualify for the quarterfinals, where they’ll face Fnatic tomorrow at 8am CT.

Mousesports won Inferno 16-10. 100 Thieves tied the series by taking Dust II 16-8. The series then proceeded to an intense decider, this time on Nuke.

Just like Na’Vi vs. FaZe, the third map delivered tons of thrilling moments for the viewers watching home and all 30 rounds were played. Jks, the main star on 100 Thieves, secured map point for his team with an incredible 3k on Ramp. Mousesports were picked apart in the last round of the game.

Curiously, two of mousesports’ players top-fragged the series despite their loss. Ropz had 64 kills and frozen finished with 62. For the Australian side, captain AZR led the charge with 57 kills, eight more than jks.

This victory capped off an incredible day for 100 Thieves. They secured at least a top-six placing at one of the most stacked CS:GO tournaments of the season. They’ve done this in the past, but the real question is whether they can reach the grand finals and win their first big event.

Today’s loss will hurt mousesports since they had won four out of the last five tournaments they played in. Karrigan and crew lost to G2 and 100 Thieves, two of the lower-ranked top 10 teams compared to Astralis, Team Liquid, or Fnatic.

The IEM Katowice playoffs will be played without an audience due to coronavirus concerns. You can keep track of the competition results here.