Oct 9 2016 - 7:48 pm

Dignitas win World Electronic Sports Games European qualifier

Team Dignitas defeated a mixture of established sides and national pick up teams to take first place in the World Electronic Sports games European qualifier
Callum Leslie
Weekend Editor, Dot Esports.

Team Dignitas defeated a mixture of established sides and national pick up teams to take first place in the World Electronic Sports games European qualifier.

The Danish side continued their rise to prominence with a 2-0 victory over Russia, a team led by the Flipsid3 Tactics pair of Georgi "WorldEdit" Yaskin and Denis "electronic" Sharipov.

On Russia's map pick, Mirage, the team jumped out to an early 4-0 lead. But Dignitas quickly took over, leading 9-6 at the half and winning seven of the first eight rounds on the CT side to take the first map.

On Cobblestone Dignitas were similarly dominant, leading 11-4 at the halfway mark and taking an eventual 16-4 win.

With the win Dignitas take home the $30,000 first prize, with Russia splitting $18,000. Both sides have qualified for the $1.5 million WESG finals in Shanghai later this year, along with Virtus Pro, Team Kinguin, Ukraine, EnVyUs, GODSENT and iGame.com.

Virtus Pro unexpectedly fell to Russia in the semifinals, taking two straight maps on Mirage and Overpass. Electronic put up a half century of kills as Russia bulldozed their way through the tournament.

Dignitas turned back Team Kinguin in their semifinal, as the Polish side put in an impressive performance. After going 4-0 through the group stage, including a win against GODSENT, Kinguin took a close 19-17 win against Dignitas in game one, but Dignitas were able to battle back to take a close series with 16-10 and 16-13 wins. 

Jan 22 2017 - 10:55 pm

EnVyUs survive Team Liquid comeback for overtime win

It was the closest game of the Major so far.
Callum Leslie
Weekend Editor, Dot Esports.
Photo via Turner Sports

Team EnVyUs survived a mammoth comeback attempt from Team Liquid to chalk up an overtime victory in their first match of the ELEAGUE Major.

Despite Team Liquid fighting back against eight match points, the French side were able to hold on and win in triple overtime in the closest game of the Major so far.

Drawing a relatively even map of Cache, the two teams were evenly matched in the early going. EnVyUs put up four unanswered rounds but Team Liquid didn't let the French run away with it, and drew it back 4-4. The teams remained relatively inseparable throughout the first half as Liquid defended well, allowing EnVyUs just a three round lead at half time.

However once the second half got started, the French side went off. EnVyUs AWPer Kenny "kennyS" Schrub was in top form picking off his American opponents, and it took a superhuman effort for Liquid to even get a T round. That came in the form of a sniper quadkill from Josh "jdm64" Marzano, who almost single handedly dragged his team back into this match.

The quadkill came in the nick of time, as EnVyUs were leading 15-7 and were just one round away from sealing the match.

Liquid rallied, eating into the lead of their French rivals. In a comeback that looked unfathomable Liquid managed eight rounds in a row to take it to overtime as the score hit 15-15.

After the teams were inseparable in the first period, a second overtime was called for. This time it was EnVyUs who needed to mount a comeback, as Liquid took it 20-18 and a match point of their own. They put themselves ahead at 21-19, but levelled things up once again.

In the third set of overtime rounds, EnVyUs were finally able to put the Legend side away. The French team put together four straight round wins to win the match at 25-21—a match that very nearly slipped away from them.

Jan 22 2017 - 9:41 pm

SK Gaming and Na`Vi avoid upset in ELEAGUE bows

Decisive wins saw the legend teams avoid any slip ups early.
Callum Leslie
Weekend Editor, Dot Esports.
Photo via Turner Sports

SK Gaming and Natus Vincere picked up wins in their opening matches at the ELEAGUE Major, avoiding potential early banana skins.

The reigning Major champions, aiming to be the first team to win three Majors back to back, knocked back Hellraisers in their opening matchup of the Swiss stage.

Despite being predicted as a potential upset by analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields, the match proved to be little trouble for the Brazilians. After losing the first round, SK went on a rampage of eight straight rounds with Hellraisers having no answer for their opponents.

The game finished 11-4 at the half. Hellraisers were able to win three of the next five rounds and threaten some kind of late rally, but SK easily shut it down to claim a 16-3 victory.

Things were even easier for Natus Vincere, who claimed the most decisive victory of the day so far. The Columbus Major silver medalists run roughshod over Mousesports, winning five straight rounds to get the game started before Mousesports even got out of the blocks. Mousesports were given very few openings throughout the game, with a 13-2 half ending in a 16-3 win—the biggest victory margin of the opening round so far.

In a meeting of ELEAGUE champions Virtus Pro and OpTic Gaming made it more of a contest, with the Polish side narrowly edging the victory.

OpTic took the early lead 6-1, thanks in part to an insane 1v3 clutch from Keith "NAF" Markovic inside the B bomb site. OpTic ended the half 9-6, but Virtus Pro came out strong in the second period.

The teams traded rounds to bring things level at 13-13, but Virtus Pro had the economic advantage and OpTic could not prevent the Polish veterans from securing the three decisive rounds.