Kave '"Solid'" Bashiri is a Swedish Call of Duty Player that is currently a Free Agent.
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Black Ops 2

Solid started his career in the mid season of Black Ops 2, joining amateur team ULTRAS. The roster was fairly new to the competitive scene and they were unknown in the Swedish Call of Duty community.


When Call of Duty: Ghosts was released 2 of the players, Twizzi and Solid, started to make a name for themselves. They decided to recruit fellow Swedish player MBT to play under Druidz eSports, but they couldn't find a 4th player, and ultimately went their separate ways.

Advanced Warfare

Solid didn't find a team until a couple of months after the release of Advanced Warfare, when Orbit SWE dropped 2 of their players and picked up MILOS as their 4th to join DISSE and Annti. . Despite performing well online Solid was dropped from the roster 2-3 weeks before the DreamHack Swedish Championship. Solid joined Barrage eSports SWE for the event, teaming with Cappeh, Burnsy and UK player Qwiker. This team managed to win the event and qualified for the DreamHack Nordic Championship, where they placed 2nd.

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