Joshua "BLaQkRoW" Lim is retired competitive Call of Duty player. For information about Halo career check out his Halo EsportsWikis page.
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BLaQkRoW started out by playing competitive Halo in 2007 and played for 6 years for several teams. In mid 2013, he made the transition for competitive Halo onto competitive Call of Duty.

2014 Season

For the Call of Duty Championship 2014: Asian Qualifiers BLaQkRoW joined Beyond The Limit consisting of Cypher, Voddy and Syns. They came in first in the Hong Kong/Singapore/Taiwan Qualifiers winning themselves a seat at the Call of Duty Championship 2014. Just before CoD Champs, Beyond The Limit re-branded itself as Echelon Gaming and because Syns was unable to make it out to LA, they subbed him for his old Halo teammate, Elts. At CoD Champs, Echelon Gaming unfortunately did not place Top 20 but they went home proud to say that they had been given the opportunity to participate in the CoD Champs and had the honor to say that they had played against some of the world's best teams.

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