Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 include a Zombies mode?

The dead just never stay dead.

Image via Activision

Another year means another Call of Duty game, this time bringing a sequel to the 2019 title. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, looks to be an intense adventure that takes place across cities and mountainous open areas. With the game set to release on Nov. 10, many players are eager to learn more about the upcoming game.

Because Zombies have been a staple in Call of Duty for the last 14 years, many players are curious about whether or not it gets included in each new game.

Here’s all the info you need to know about whether or not Call of Duty has a Zombies mode.

Will Zombies be in Modern Warfare 2?

While many fans may want the Zombies mode in this game, it won’t be a part of Modern Warfare 2. This follows the trend of 2019’s Modern Warfare, which also didn’t include zombies to focus on the heavy narrative. None of the past Modern Warfare games have had multiplayer, and it’s likely to stay that way if any more are released.

While the game is confirmed to not have zombies, it will feature other game modes outside of the campaign. There will be a variety of multiplayer modes including Prisoner Rescue mode where players will each have a prisoner that they must defend while extracting the enemy team’s hostage.

There’s another faster game mode with 6v6 called Knockout.

The beta is set to start tomorrow, Sept. 16, for PlayStation fans and next weekend for everyone else. Players who pre-order will get access to the game’s campaign a week early.