When does season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare end?

Players have a few more days to finish any last minute challenges.

Image via Activision

The end of season three in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is almost here. Players have until June 2 to finish their battle pass before the new season starts.

Season four will introduce a new battle pass for players to unlock fresh loot, but this also means the season three battle pass is almost gone. Players who have not purchased the battle pass can still unlock it and earn unique awards before the season is over.

The season three battle pass features over 100 limited-time rewards such as operator skins, weapon blueprints, and other various cosmetics.

The weapon blueprints include the ‘Guard One’ handgun blueprint and the ‘Beefeater’ Assault Rifle blueprint. Players can also unlock the ‘Death Dealer’ Mara Skin and the ‘Tracker’ Talon Skin.

The tier 100 reward is an exclusive ‘Indomitable’ Alex Skin that offers a unique outfit for the character.

Players can also get their hands on the ‘Tomogunchi’ operator watch and take their virtual pet into battle. Dedicated players who finish the pass will also unlock 1,300 Call of Duty Points, which is enough to purchase the new Battle Pass in season four.

There is a lot of new content for players to look to forward to in season four. Captain Price and Gaz will likely be introduced as playable operators, and the Warzone map will likely change when the new season begins. The classic multiplayer map Scrapyard is also likely to make a return in the new season as it was briefly featured in the latest teaser trailer.

Season three of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ends on June 2 at 1pm CT. Make sure to finish all of your last challenges and battle pass tiers before it is too late.

Update June 1 8:28pm CT: Activision announced that it’s delaying the start of Modern Warfare season four “to later dates.” It’s unclear how this will affect the end date of season three, however.

Update June 10 11:05am CT: Infinity Ward announced that season four of Modern Warfare will start at 1am CT on June 11. That’s likely the end time for season three, too.