Warzone player uses C4 tactic from Battlefield to squad-wipe enemy team

Vehicles are more dangerous than you think.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone boomed in popularity following its release with its impressive lobby size and smooth gameplay. The battle royale shares a similar likeness with the Battlefield series since both titles feature giant maps and vehicles that help players navigate the terrain. One Warzone player was seemingly able to take a page out of the Battlefield strategy book and use it to squad-wipe an entire team.

The player uploaded a clip of them placing two C4 explosives to the front of their jeep. As soon as an enemy vehicle entered the area, the player drove their explosive vehicle straight at the enemy squad. Just before impact the player jumped out of the jeep and detonated the C4 as it hit the enemy vehicle, eliminating the entire enemy team in a fiery explosion.

Vehicles in Warzone have proven to be one of the best weapons in the game, and even popular streamers have begun picking up on the strategy. Pokelawls took out four enemies inside Atlas Superstore without taking any damage, and Lirik pulled off an impressive squad wipe using a G-Wagon as well.

Warzone has attracted a lot of the Battlefield community who were not very impressed with the most recent Battlefield title. More impressive kills inspired by Battlefield tactics will continue to happen as more Battlefield players make the jump to Warzone. It won’t be long until a player manages to get an RPG kill in midair.