Tommey joins 100 Thieves as the org’s first Warzone player

He's back, but he's not in the CDL.

Photo via MLG

Veteran Call of Duty player Thomas “Tommey” Trewren has signed with 100 Thieves—but he isn’t in the CoD League next year. 

Tommey, one of the few CoD players to spend over a decade competing, has joined 100 Thieves as a content creator and Warzone player, the first of the organization, 100 Thieves announced today. 

This likely signals the end of Tommey’s professional career in CoD following his season-long run with the Dallas Empire last season as a substitute. Since his last professional match in Black Ops 4, Tommey has played in several Warzone competitions, becoming one of the best players from Europe. 

In the most recent tournament, the HusKerrs Howl Finals, which took place on Nov. 7, Tommey and his teammate Rhys ”Rated” Price took home $45,000 in prize money, which was his largest prize earning since his third-place finish at CWL Fort Worth in March 2019. 

Although Tommey has never won a World Championship, he’s built up an impressive résumé in his years of competing. Tommey had several top-four finishes throughout his career, with the CWL Dallas Open in December 2018 being his most notable accomplishment. He came in second place with Splyce, losing against ⁠Team Kaliber in the finals. 

Regionally, Tommey has won several tournaments, but he’ll finally get to prove his skills in Warzone once more against some of the best in the world with 100 Thieves.