The latest Black Ops Cold War patch adjusts friendly fire and removes RC-XD from League Play

The Zombies mode also received updates in the patch.

Image via Activision

A new patch in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War removed the RC-XD scorestreak from League play and adjusted friendly fire today. The update also introduced a few fixes to the Zombies mode to improve gameplay. 

Players can no longer use the RC-XD in League Play, which is good news for those who were not fans of the explosive item. Friendly fire will now convert to ricochet damage after the second team kill, preventing players from killing their teammates repeatedly. 

Several League Play UI elements were adjusted or added to make viewing results more straightforward and accurate. 

The patch also fixed the issue in the Zombies mode that could cause a player to teleport out of the map when others interacted with the teleporter in the Village area. The exploit that allowed players to stand on top of the crafting table has also been resolved. 

The Zombies UI received a similar update, and the issue causing the upgrade icon to be grayed out even though the player had enough to upgrade has been resolved. A new seasons icon was also added for the Firebase Z challenges in the menu. 

The changes to League Play should help create a more competitive environment and prevent players from relying on or abusing the RC-XD scorestreak. The Double weapon XP weekend is still live, so make sure to take advantage of the remaining time.