Team Kaliber Announce New Roster

Team Kaliber have announced their new lineup, consisting of Theory, CaLiFa, Xotic, and Holler.

Team Kaliber, one of the most storied Call of Duty eSports organizations, announced their new lineup earlier today. Their challenger division lineup will consist of Dylan “Theory” McGee, Evan “Holler” Howard, Cameron “CaLiFa” Joyner, and Xotic. This change comes on the brink of a rough patch for the team stemming from their Call of Duty World League Season One ninth place finish and subsequent loss to King Papey (now Hundred Thieves) in the relegation tournament.


tK, as they are affectionately known, have struggled recently after a team highlight of a second place finish at the inaugural MLG X Games in 2014. Since then, the team has only won one event, UGC Niagara 2015, and has failed to place in the top eight of an open event dating back to UMG DC 2015 and a 5th-6th place finish. With this new lineup, the team is banking on the leadership and experience from Theory, combined with CaLiFa’s proven talent. Xotic and Holler are both very new to the scene and could both be players to watch out for.


With this new lineup, tK seems poised to make a splash in the challenger division and they have stated they will be participating in MLG Anaheim 2016 next month. Their proven track record is a major benefit to this lineup and could help propel them to potentially challenging for a league spot next season. They have a long way to go, but with new talent and some solid veterans, anything is possible.


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