Son shows his father how to clutch in Call of Duty: Warzone


Image via Activision

Nothing beats displaying your skills in Call of Duty: Warzone than a one-vs-four clutch, especially when you have your father helping out. 

FatherSonGaming scored an impressive victory in Warzone last night. Jason, the son, was left in an intense clutch situation against another squad and a solo player. Although he initially got downed, he was able to revive himself and display his talent. 

But Jason didn’t win the game alone. He had his father, Bill, to help from the sidelines since he was eliminated earlier in the match. “He’s rushing you I’m sure,” Bill said. After Jason used his self revive, he took his dad’s advice and used a Heartbeat Sensor to find the location of an enemy. 

Jason noticed shots being fired to his right and immediately downed the first opponent. Since he used his Heartbeat Sensor, he knew there were other enemies to his left. Two players immediately convened in the open, which granted Jason two easy kills. With one squad wiped and one solo player left, Jason popped up from behind a rock and killed the last opponent. 

The one-vs-four clutch was impressive since he didn’t have his father to help him in-game in the final stages of the match. “Nice, finally, oh my god, they were looking at each other, that was perfect,” Bill said after spectating the clutch. 

A Warzone victory is particularly special if you have a friend to hype you up after you win. But it’s likely even better when your own family is there to support you. 

You can watch FatherSonGaming’s road to 100 wins in Warzone on Twitch.