Sneaky’s teammate gets flattened by Loadout Drop in Call of Duty: Warzone

And it's hysterical.

Photo via Riot Games

For most Call of Duty: Warzone fans, seeing a coveted Loadout crate drop from the sky is a blessing. But for one unlucky player, it was a death sentence.

Former League of Legends pro Sneaky caught a hilarious Loadout Drop interaction on his Twitch broadcast today. Despite providing an amusing moment for the streamer and viewers alike, it ended the player’s life immediately.

As the crate plummeted to the ground, it hit a shack at an odd angle, which caused it to bounce a few times. Unfortunately for Sneaky’s teammate, it rolled over their character and eliminated them right away.

“Did that shit really just fucking kill me?” the player said amid Sneaky’s laughter.

While a player being smashed by a Loadout crate is certainly funny, it isn’t exactly surprising. It’s a fairly common occurrence to see players get wiped out by Care Packages in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode. One player famously killed their entire team with a Care Package drop, placing the landing spot for the killstreak on his team’s spawn point.

It’s unclear if Infinity Ward will make changes to the Loadout Drop to not allow it to kill players. But if it hasn’t been fixed in Modern Warfare, it’ll likely remain a realistic interaction for the battle royale.

Sneaky fans can tune into his Twitch channel to watch some more hilarious gameplay.