Shroud isn’t a fan of CoD Warzone’s respawn system

For shroud, Warzone isn't as mobile as it should be.

Shroud on BR esports
Screengrab via Shroud

Former Counter-Strike pro shroud is one of the many streamers diving into Call of Duty: Warzone, the recently launched 150-player battle royale.

Although shroud is likely the most skilled FPS streamer, he wasn’t cruising through his first few matches. In fact, he died more often than normal early in the rounds, which led to shroud pointing out some issues with Warzone‘s respawn system.

Shroud thinks the respawn system promotes “crazy” gameplay, which makes Warzone different than the usual battle royale titles, such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, because these games have periods in which you can just chill during the matches.

“I don’t like that you get into a gunfight, then you [respawn], and then you get into a fight, and then you rez,” shroud said. “I don’t like that loop. It’s a battle royale, you should be mobile, you should be moving.”

The streamer was referring to the Gulag, a prison where you play a one-vs-one and the winner respawns. “Every place you land is a hot zone, and stays that way, it’s crazy,” shroud said.

Shroud thinks the excess of respawning options in Warzone should be reduced or even scrapped so more players get taken out of the match once they’re killed.

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“Maybe the game could have only one Gulag, one respawn? That should keep it moving,” shroud said. “There should only be one respawn for anyone on a cache. I think I’ve respawned on the exact same cache like five times already.”

Although other devs have listened to shroud’s tips in the past, it’s unclear whether Infinity Ward will do the same. If you aren’t a fan of Warzone’s respawn system like shroud or you’re just struggling to win these one-vs-one fights, check out our tips on how to win in the Gulag.