Shoot House 24/7 replaces Shoot the Ship in today’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare playlist update

It's back.

Screengrab via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare devs are doing away with popular multiplayer playlist Shoot the Ship—at least for now.

Today’s update replaced the action-packed playlist with Shoot House 24/7, according to Infinity Ward. Grind also makes its Modern Warfare debut and the holiday-themed Snowfight mode was removed.

Shoot the Ship combined the Shoot House and Shipment maps for a wild 24/7 playlist. Though Modern Warfare players thoroughly enjoy Shoot House’s fast-paced gameplay, Shipment garners mixed reviews.

The tiny map is plagued with spawning issues, with some players being wiped out before they can even set their boots on the ground. Others enjoy the madness, however. Fans hope that Infinity Ward devs will take this as an opportunity to address the map’s spawn problems.

Grind returns to the Call of Duty series, having been initially launched in Ghosts. The game mode fuses Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint for a tactical and intense battle. Players confirm kills by picking up dog tags and taking them to a rotating objective to score points. But dying en route to the location will result in dropping all the tags you collected, including an additional one for yourself.

Fans who enjoyed the snowball-slinging action of Snowfight may be disappointed, though—the mode won’t be joining us in the new year.